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Our vision

Kettering Science Academy is proud of our vision to help everybody to be "the best you can be". KSA has seen significant improvements in its performance over the past couple of years but needs more dedicated and like-minded staff to drive this forward for our students. If you are looking for a challenging but rewarding career this may be the place for you...

Our school highlight

We are fortunate to work in an exceptional modern school building which staff and students are proud of. 

Our team

Staff in our school are passionate and committed to the personal development of each individual student, whether that be academic, extracurricular or pastoral support. Friendly, welcoming team


Kettering Science Academy is a valued member of the Brooke Weston Trust and each member of staff receives benefits from this partnership. These include:

  • Commitment to your professional development
  • Rewarded with benefits from its relationship with the Trust
  • Personal development
  • Meaningful partnerships with our Trust schools
  • Resolute aim to improve standards

Our aim is to make learning exciting and enjoyable so that students can thrive and fulfil their potential. We offer a wide and varied curriculum covering enhancing the National Curriculum offer with a range of additional opportunities, putting particular emphasis on science and enterprise activities.

This emphasis, alongside an extensive extracurricular activities, provides breadth and depth at all levels for our students. The opportunities we provide at KSA offer every student the skills and support that they need for the greatest chance of future success.

Talent Pools

We are always on the look out for new Talent to join our team.

Please submit your CV to the relevant talent pool below.

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Brooke Weston Trust

Our Trust was formed more than 25 years ago with a simple and clear mission – to transform educational performance in all our communities.

Working in some of the most challenging contexts, we improve our students' achievements by making long term commitments to the community and championing new approaches to improve the life chances for young people.

Our five core values underpin this mission and guide our work:

  1. Ambition for all - we are ambitious for all our students and our staff, providing everyone with the opportunity to develop and succeed
  2. High expectations - we are committed to going the extra mile and constantly asking 'is it good enough for my child'?
  3. Excellent teaching and support - we seek to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for our students, regularly reminding ourselves that we want to have a positive impact on students' lives
  4. Working together - we are not about competition; we work as a team to share ideas, resources and best practice to ensure we are providing the very best for our students and staff
  5. Contribution to society - we champion diversity, inclusion and tolerance; we celebrate the ways in which we are making a difference in the local community; we encourage our students to become a positive influence on society by providing them with important life skills to succeed in the future

Read more about Brooke Weston Trust here.

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Deeble Road, Kettering

Kettering Science Academy

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